Special Needs & Autistic Children Specialists

Our Professional Stylists Specialize in Special Needs and Autistic Children. We have years of experience working with all Children and understand that every client is unique. We can help with Mom’s apprehension when looking for the perfect Salon for their Kids Haircut.

Special Room

Bangs ‘N Bows has a Special Room in the rear of the salon.  If you prefer we can use the room for your child if the busy and noisy front is uncomfortable for your Special Needs child.  We have a TV and can play a special show to help your child enjoy their haircut.

Serving Charleston & Mount Pleasant for over 11 years, we are seasoned professionals and know how to help Moms & Dads enjoy bringing their children for a haircut.

Book and Appointment Now with any of our Stylists.  You can Request the back room if your child requires a quiet area to get a Great Haircut & Style.

Haircut Specialists for Our Special Children

Autism Experts with Kid Haircuts

Special Needs Specialists

Special Hair Stylists for Special Needs & Autistic Clients...We Care!